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Handling your accounting and tax department requires a skilled, dependable, and trustworthy team. At CommonWealth, we take pride in implementing the highest quality work to provide exceptional services. At our central office in Dearborn, Michigan, The CommonWealth Group will work effectively and in a timely manner to help you maximize your tax savings and increase your business's valuation by implementing your accounting and tax system.

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Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are not dataentry at our firm. Our team of tax professionals analyzes all of your numbersand creates reports that allow us to save you tax dollars. Your accountingsystem is the heart of your business. We proudly handle your accountinginternally and do not offshore your data.

Managerial Optimization

Streamline internal bookkeeping, collection of income, payment of expenses, banking and payroll, saving you time and money

Financial Statements

Receive your financials on a monthly or quarterly basis. Financials such as the balance sheet, profit and loss, and statement of cash flows are your business report card and are the first step required for tax planning and tax savings.

Analyze Margins

Objectively measure success by analyzing revenue, expenses, and profitability margins

Financial Meetings

Monthly or Quarterly meetings to analyze your financial statements together. During our review, our tax professionals meet with you to discuss your business performance, analyze your margins, determine your tax liability, and recommend ways to reduce your tax liability aligned with your financial

Budget Forecasting

Generated from your business margins and compared to industry averages to forecast growth

Decision Making

As your financial team, we will help you make decisions such as investing in real estate or a new business. We will also help determine the exact amount of taxes you owe and pay them on your behalf electronically.
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Business Creation & Development

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), more than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year.


Shifting your ideas and energy into action

Business Plan

Feasibility and market analysis, positioning, operational planning and financial forecasts for internal ownership or potential investors [see business plan section for further information]

Business Launch

Determine best legal structure and licensing, create operating agreements and terms and opening business banking accounts

Business Longevity

Develop accounting, payroll and tax systems, maintain business planning and growth, advise on profit marginal growth and cost reduction

Exit Strategies

Timing the sale of your business at the highest value, mergers and acquisitions, transfer and succession planning

Business Plans

Business planning and financial forecasting is a popular service that we offer to start-up businesses and existing businesses, seeking a new direction.

Planning & Organization

Detailed interview, brainstorming ideas, overview of goals and objectives, timeline and execution

The 5 W's

Who are you, what is your purpose, when will you start, where are the opportunities and why

Financial Analysis

Current financial positioning, forecasted financial potential, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, return on investment, timeframe: three-ten years

Marketing & Execution

Design and branding, market entry and positioning, seeking potential investors, execute business plan
Business Plan Discussion with Client
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Tax Returns

At CommonWealth, we file tax returns for businesses and individuals nationwide. Our primary focus is on business owners. We only file individual tax returns for our clients, and we have prepared their business taxes. We offer the quality and personal attention necessary to maximize eligible credits and deductions.

Tax Planning

Ensuring accurate financials and tax planning strategies are implemented each quarter.

Tax Review

Annual meeting recapping business performance, tax liabilities and future projections.

Tax Filing

Timely filing and payment of corporate and individual tax returns by due date.

Estimated Tax Payments

Scheduling and paying income tax estimates quarterly for individuals and business owners.

Payroll Services

The CommonWealth x ADP collaboration provides the convenience of your accountant handling and managing your businesses payroll and being backed by the resources and platform of the largest payroll provider in the country, ADP.

Time Management

Track employee hours and rates, report to CommonWealth at pay period and maintain database for employees and contractors.


Printing and mailing scheduled paychecks or offering direct deposit in a timely fashion for employees and/or contractors. Offering after-the-fact payroll services.

Employee Benefits

Managing employee’s health, pension, and retirement contributions.

Tax Payments & Reports

Scheduling and paying tax liabilities and filing quarterly and annual payroll reports.

Year End Statements

Issuing W-2s for employees and 1099s for contractors.

Tax Discounts

Offer discounts for employees filing their personal income tax return with CommonWealth.
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Client Meeting

Sales Tax

We electronically file returns and give our clients the option to also set up electronic payment from their business bank account, saving time on signing, writing and mailing checks, and waiting for them to cash.

Detailed Reviews

Ensure that past state and business records were properly filed and paid correctly.

Revenue Differentiation

Categorize and organize labor, non-taxable and taxable sale items.

Filing & Payments

Collection of state sales tax, filling sales reports and payment of sales tax.