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What makes CommonWealth different than a typical accounting firm? Located in Dearborn, MI and serving the Detroit metropolitan area, CommonWealth is an entrepreneurial accounting practice. Our goal is delivering value to our clients. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand what it takes to operate a successful business. Hence, our Dearborn accounting services focus on the solutions the business community needs and how we can deliver those solutions. In addition, we are an innovative and success-driven practice. Our primary focus is doing whatever is necessary to help clients grow their businesses.

Dearborn Accounting Services

What We Offer:

    • Personalized Attention– We want our clients to feel like they are our only client. To that end, our laser-focus attention will provide you with up-to-date financial information and the latest trends in your industry. Ultimately, the goal is to deliver an unmatched experience that is both cost-effective and value-driven.


    • Quality– Our clients rely on us to provide accounting services and tax guidance. Therefore, we have dedicated ourselves to being as knowledgeable and current on tax and accounting laws and procedures as possible. Our practice is known for the quality of its service and our character depends on it.


    • Professionalism– Our dedication to high standards, close relationships with our clients, excellence, and professionalism will provide the foundation needed to meet the goals set forth by our clients.


    • Experience & Resources– Our work experience with many CPA’s has exposed us to decades of tax law, cases, industry trends and analysis. The entrepreneurial spirit led our founder to leverage his experience and create a innovative and progressive accounting practice. Since our establishment, CommonWealth has grown tremendously solely through client referrals.

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Small Business Accountants in Dearborn, MI

Time is a valuable commodity. At CommonWealth, we know how important it is to make optimal use of clients’ time. Hence, we dedicate ourselves to provide exceptional service in a timely fashion in order for our clients and their businesses to become as successful as possible. Numerous businesses place their trust in our small business accountants in Dearborn, MI. We take pride in the reputation we have built at the personal and corporate level.

Your accountant should be your number one resource to your financial growth and stability. Hence, our practice was established on sound morals that start at the individual level. Our relationships with all of our clients are built on trust. Without it, there is no real business relationship. We will continue to serve our clientele with their best interest at heart.

Bookkeeping, Tax Preparation, Payroll and more!

Accounting software has never been this accessible and affordable for business owners. This is good in the sense of affordability and convenience. However, it can be bad when it comes to the over simplification of the accounting equation. It takes an individual who truly understands accounting principles to handle the books internally. In order to provide this beneficial service, we would arrive at your place of business to create and or develop your existing system. In addition, our team will remain on-site for as long as it takes to get your system established.

Our Dearborn accounting services also cover monthly and quarterly financial statements. Financial statements are always tailored to preference and complexity of the individual business. At CommonWealth, we believe it is crucial for management to review the current financial positioning of their business. Financial statements provide the shareholder(s) or member(s) of the company with an in-depth analysis of the health of the business. Our team provides these reports in a timely fashion and will review them with management to help examine the strengths and weaknesses of the business. In addition, financials also provide necessary information that will lead to successful tax planning, and bank lending purposes.

Financial Reporting and Small Business Development

Our focus on businesses throughout southeast Michigan allow us to implement strategies that address changing industry trends. At CommonWealth, we view ourselves as a “one-stop shop” catering to all of your business needs. Whether your business is in the start-up phase or maturity phase, our Dearborn accounting services reach beyond the numbers to help solve your business issues, improve performance and increase profitability.

Starting a Small Business

Make your dream a reality by starting your own business with CommonWealth. Our team will guide you to choose the most suitable legal entity. In addition, we can help create a tailored business plan to follow.

Running A Small Business

At CommonWealth, we guide business owners on managing day-to-day business activities. We help our clients build a dependable staff, offer training programs, and solve cash-flow issues common to businesses.

Growing A Small Business

Strategic planning allows for the next stage of business growth. Hence, our Dearborn accounting services provide clients with the resources necessary to grow consistently. We believe stable growth allows clients to pursue opportunities in new markets, and invest in assets that will help grow the bottom line.

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