Our Core Values

As trusted advisors to numerous individuals and businesses, we take pride in the reputation we have built at the personal and corporate level. Your accountant should be your number one resource to your financial growth and stability. Our practice was established on good morals, and principles that started at the individual level, and grew into an accounting and business consulting practice. We understand the importance of a solid reputation and are truly honored to have the following as our core values: Confidentiality, Integrity & Trust.


Accountants are exposed to sensitive information such as; one’s income level, social security number, personal residence, as well as business health. We take client confidentiality extremely serious and do not disclose any of our client’s information.


In order to strengthen any relationship, integrity is a value one must possess. We value the integrity of all relationships we have with our clientele, as well as the integrity of our work ethic.


Our relationships with all of our clients are built on trust. Without it, there is no real business relationship. Business owners trust The CommonWealth Group with their livelihood. We will continue to serve our clientele with their best interest at heart.