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Maximize Credits & Deductions

At CommonWealth, our private consultations are a memorable and educational experience. The tax process begins by collecting your tax documentation and thoroughly reviewing your files to make sure that all documentation is accounted for, and all questions are answered. 

After preparing your tax return, we schedule a follow-up meeting to review your tax return together in our conference room.  Our in depth review meeting will cover all line items and will address any questions that may arise.  Our clients have found the tax review sessions informative and many leave with a greater understanding of how their hard working income and investments are taxed.  We also prepare you for your next years filing season by advising you on specific tax strategies that may be beneficial. 

Our tax accountants remain up-to-date on the latest tax law, and are constantly seeking tax planning methods to save you time and money. Tax returns are filed once a year, make it a worthwhile experience and become part our CommonWealth family, a place where your unique tax position will be understood and welcomed. 


Tax Planning

Ensuring accurate financials and tax planning strategies are implemented each quarter

Tax Review

Annual meeting recapping business performance, tax liabilities and future projections

Tax Filing

Timely filing and payment of corporate and individual tax returns by due date

Estimated Tax Payments

Scheduling and paying income tax estimates quarterly for individuals and business owners

Tax Solutions Boost Your Success.

Let our experience be your guide. Get started by booking a complimentary strategy session.

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