Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Filings

As a business owner, you are also a collecting agency for the state. At CommonWealth, we offer monthly, quarterly and annual filings to the state on your behalf. We electronically file returns and give our clients the option to also set up electronic payment from their business bank account, saving time on signing, writing and mailing checks, and waiting for them to cash. 

Over the years, its has been surprising to find many business owners and e-commerce busineses incorrectly filing and collecting sales tax in their State.  It may seem pretty straight-forward but year after year we have had to correct filed sales tax forms, and recover a great deal overpayments for our newly acquired clientele.  Collectively, we have recovered close to $100,000 of incorrectly categorized sales tax payments. $100,000 may seem like a drop in the bucket, but this is not a settlement, and we are not attorneys.  Errors that lead to over or under payments should not be made. If your business collects sales tax, you may want to capitalize on our offer of reviewing your current sales tax collection process.



Detailed Reviews

Ensure that past state and business records were properly filed and paid correctly


Revenue Differentiation

Categorize and organize labor, non-taxable and taxable sale items

Filing & Payments

Collection of state sales tax, filling sales reports and payment of sales tax

Tax Solutions Boost Your Success.

Let our experience be your guide. Get started by booking a complimentary strategy session.

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