Mike Dabaja is a Partner and Senior Accountant at CommonWealth. With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, Mike double majored and graduated with degrees in both Accounting and Finance.
While finishing his degree, Mike focused on developing relationships with high net worth clients at Alexander’s Custom Clothiers. His key role at Alexander’s allowed him to translate these client connections into lasting business relationships, that have brought both new clients and familiar faces to CommonWealth. Mike’s ability to network and his attention to detail, has allowed him to intertwine his practices through quality relationships with all of his clients.
Mike was heavily involved in team sports. The strong physical and mental requirements these sports demanded have helped him to develop his positive attitude and team mentality in the workplace. Although he leads a busy life, Mike always finds time for himself, his marriage and his family. In his down time, he is relaxing, reading and constantly working on improving himself, while maintaining a strong work/life balance. His healthy and active lifestyle not only helps him focus on constantly becoming the best version of himself but allows Mike to continue to improve the lives of his clients.
Mike’s long-term vision for a family practice and strong family ties have given him some big shoes to fill. Being surrounded by great role models since his upbringing has allowed him to make his long-term vision a reality.
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