Khalil Dabaja is CommonWealth’s Founder, leading the practice as it continues to build quality relationships with entrepreneurs and business owners around the country.
Khalil is a graduate of The University of Michigan-Dearborn, obtaining a dual degree in both Accounting and Finance. After graduation, he immediately began K.I.D & Company-a managerial accounting practice, creating internal accounting systems. Two weeks into his first client engagement, Khalil uncovered a sales tax error in the amount of $50,000 paid in a prior year. After resolving the matter with the State of Michigan, Khalil’s client received the $50,000 along with interest paid immediately. Khalil’s commitment and vision-oriented approach to each client continues to be proven.
Complimentary to his education is the unique experience Khalil has in the private accounting and business arena. Having relations with traditional CPA’s, with over sixty years of combined experience, creates opportunities for him to witness a great deal of tax complexities and strategies, that only time will present.
Khalil’s dedication to leading CommonWealth is fueled by his entrepreneurial instincts to offer an intangible service to sophisticated entrepreneurs seeking guidance. Khalil was once described by a Fortune 100 CEO as- “An Entrepreneur who happens to be an Accountant.” His belief in relying on facts and figures, as well as emotional intelligence, links the entrepreneurial and accountant spirit in him.
Khalil’s most enjoyable hours of the day are before sunrise. He is committed to a strong mind, body, and soul.  This philosophy allows him to perform at a high-caliber and lead by example. Khalil leads a disciplined schedule which includes time for health, fitness, reading, traveling, and family. Outside of CommonWealth, he spends time with his loving wife and children.
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