CommonWealth Accounting Services

Accounting Services For Small Business

Accounting software has never been this accessible and affordable for business owners. This is good in the sense of affordability and convenience, but bad when it comes to the over simplification of the accounting equation. It takes an individual who truly understands accounting principles to handle the books internally. In order to provide this beneficial service, we would arrive at your place of business to create and or develop your existing system. Our team will remain on-site for as long as it takes to get your system established and ready to coordinate with our central office in Dearborn, Michigan.

We also offer monthly and quarterly financial statements, depending on your preference, and the complexity of your business. At CommonWealth, we believe it is crucial for management to review the current financial positioning of their business. Financial statements provide the shareholder(s) or member(s) of the company with an in-depth analysis of the health of the business. Our team provides these reports in a timely fashion and will review them with management to help examine the strengths and weaknesses of the business. Financials also provide necessary information that will lead to successful tax planning, and bank lending purposes.