About Us

Expert Accountants in Dearborn MI

Starting from a briefcase at the age of 23, Khalil knew that his in-house accounting work was only the beginning of his career. Khalil and his two brothers, Mike and Hussein, had plans to become health professionals. However, that changed when they began working at a family business alongside their uncle at his custom clothing shop. There, they met executives and top professionals that opened their eyes to the world of business, and accounting.

But these brothers weren’t attracted to the definition of an accountant in corporate America, they had a different vision. They were not interested in having a “piece of the pie”, they wanted the whole thing. Realizing what a great team they made and what they had to offer, Khalil, Mike, and Hussein decided to combine their talents and open their own CPA firm. Before ever earning their degrees, these brothers knew they were going to own their own accounting and business consulting practice that offered not only tax and accounting guidance, but a chance for business owners and individuals to thrive.

Growing up in a close-knit family, and having a father that worked as a public servant for over thirty years, Khalil, Mike, and Hussein knew the importance behind serving their community. With role models like their parents, and their uncle -who thrived at such a young age- these brothers were motivated and dedicated to establishing a practice that was based on the strong morals, respect, and the support they were raised with.

At The CommonWealth Group, Khalil, Mike, and Hussein are here to treat you like family. They know how important it is to have the support you need to thrive, which is why they make it their mission to do whatever is possible to help you and your business prosper.